Case Study: AmPurity E-Commerce Site

Project Brief

Entering the Consumer Market

AmPurity Nutraceutical’s entry into the consumer product market was Laser Energy drink, a non-caffeinated energy drink available in several flavors. In addition to local online distribution of the product, AmPurity wanted to have online sales available. They were needing a robust ecommerce solution. Magento was chosen for its numerous features and ability to set up multiple stores and share customers. Its out of the box product catalog also provided flexibility in setting up and displaying products and their categories. The transactional email setup was also convenient for the people who would be responsible for the on-going content setup of the site.


Competitor Research

Many of the competitors were larger in size and boasted large product portfolios. The brands tended to link to the parent company’s site for the actual ecommerce functionality versus having the product available for purchase directly from the brand’s marketing website. A listing of the parent company’s various brands was also usually very prominently displayed on the homepage as most consumers were more familiar with the individual brands instead of the parent company.

Design & Development

Design & Color Palette

The logo they had designed consisted of leaves and was green to represent the creation of products from natural ingredients. The color palette used on the site used the base light green as the primary color with an orange accent color. The site is modular in nature and will continue to have sections added as the company and products grow.

A prominent search is included to help customers type in what they are looking for to find it more quickly. Utility links at the upper right of the site offer a quick way to access account information or to view what products are currently in the shopping cart. Once a product has been added to the cart, a number appears to the right of the icon tracking the number of items in the cart. After the site had first launched, some of the elderly customers requested a way to order the product over the phone, so the number to call in for ordering was added to the top right corner of the site.

Magento Installation & Template Package Creation

Magento, while being a fairly robust ecommerce solution, lacked in responsive layout at the original time the site was built. A second theme package specifically for mobile needed to be created when the original site was launched. One of Magento’s updates included a responsive template that made a good base for creating a new responsive template package for AmPurity. Although some of the Magento code in the responsive template was a bit questionable and likely somewhat rushed to get to market, it was not difficult to fix some of the minor errors and update.

The Checkout Process

Magento’s checkout process screens have changed significantly to make the process easier on the user and the developers working with the framework. It is now more intuitive and user friendly as the customer moves through the checkout steps in a single-page solution. The agency that has taken on the maintenance of the site has done an excellent job in making updates to the checkout screens.


Continuing to Evolve

The AmPurity site continues to have new products added for online purchase. Customers have been frequently utilizing the ecommerce site to make online purchases of the products. Plans for a new subscription-based ordering solution will also be underway.