Case-Study: Crescent Bank Website Redesign

Project Brief

Meeting Expectations

Crescent Bank had recently undergone a site redesign, but it did not end up having the functionality they were needing. The layout was also not conducive to a good user experience as it was lacking an easy to find main navigation. The goal was to create a better experience by adding a main navigation towards the top, clean up and organize content better, and add some imagery to break up the all-text layouts for visual interest.

old CBTNO website



During the wireframing process, we established new layouts for various screen sizes. Our main objective was to introduce some common UI design patterns to help make navigating the site easier for the user.

Design & Development

A New CMS and Skin

We had Crescent Bank’s brand guidelines in hand while designing the new UI for the website. We removed some of the gradients from the site backgrounds and the texture background from the buttons for a flatter design scheme. We also added icons for visual interest and worked with Crescent Bank’s marketing firm on adding images for the slider and hero images.

Once the design was finalized and approved by the client, we began building out the Umbraco templates. We typically used the Umbraco CMS platform for our banking clients as it is built using the .NET platform and uses its permissions structure. The built-in Umbraco permissions make it easier to set up and assign permissions to various users or groups to restrict access to parts of the site based on their roles. The open template system also makes it possible for us to customize each admin area for the clients. Every site can be unique to fit their needs.


Waiting for the Results…

This site will be launching at the end of this month with the new My Auto Loans application. As with the application, we will let it have some time to gather analytics data and feedback, and compare the results to measure performance.

new CBTNO website