Case Study: ESPN Local Online Promotion

Project Brief

Introducing “Sweepstakes” White Label SaaS

Sweepstakes was the first of the new promotion types built on the Ember.js framework to be released by Second Street. One of the first new features that was offered were new templates and offering the ability for clients to customize those templates. Several front end developers (including myself) built the various templates from designs approved by the stakeholders. ESPN Local was a client that came to us wanting administrative services for their Sweepstakes account as well, so I performed the end-user setup and customization through the Sweepstakes admin area as well.

Template Development


The Bubbles template seemed to be quite popular with our clients since this design was different from the more “boxy” look of our other templates. This design also came with a more challenging build to make sure the template was responsive and still maintained the circular designs. ESPN Local wanted this template for their “Ultimate ESPN Esperience” sweepstakes contest.

The development of the template used LESS as the CSS pre-processor. Tokens were used that would later allow clients to update values of colors, fonts, etc. dynamically. We used the Advanced REST client to open an HTTP session and post updates to the templates on the server.

Sweepstakes Setup

ESPN Local was a new account that was looking for more agency-type services than we had typically provided, so I managed their Sweepstakes account and did the setup for their promotion as well as its design using the Bubbles template through the new contest admin area and used a nice studio image that ESPN Local had provided as the background image. Making the customizations through the software was simple and the end result was seamless. Unfortunately, although the Sweepstakes template was responsive, the site that we were iframing the contest into was not.


The Ultimate Experience

ESPN Local had a successful promotion for its sweepstakes contest and returned to Second Street for a different product offering called “Voter’s Choice.”