Case Study: LASER Energy Drink Website

Project Brief

New Product = New Site

After doing well with ZAMboost, AmPurity Nutraceuticals was ready to enter the energy drink market with their new, non-caffeinated version – Laser Energy. They needed an edgy, online presence to help market the drink against larger competitors such as Monster Energy and Red Bull.


Competitor Research

The energy drink market is primarily dominated by Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink, but there are also a number of smaller players. Laser Energy has a competitive advantage with its non-caffeinated product offerings. They were also looking for a niche in the bar industry as well, similar to Red Bull’s use as a popular mixer in mixed alcoholic drinks. Extreme sports and sponsorships seem to go hand in hand with energy drinks as well.

Design & Development


I also used high-fidelity wireframes for this client as well for more rapid production as the launch of the site needed to coincide with the product release. The same font used for the print marketing materials was used on the website to create consistency of look. For the site design, I used the color of the original flavor’s can to stay along their branding guides. Large images of extreme sports were also included to help catch the eye and portray the potential of extra energy without the caffeine.

WordPress Installation & Templates

The client liked the freedom of being able to update their own site through WordPress, so that was the CMS used. The people who would be responsible for updating the site also had familiarity with the platform. A heavily customized child-them based on the X-Theme was used to help cut down development time as there was a short turnaround until launch. I also included Foundation to help with responsive layout of the content areas. Since the product was new and not yet sponsored, the site was minimal in content but easily scalable.


The New Kid on the Energy Drink Block

Since the initial go live date, the site has had the addition of the Laser Loyalty Program, several sponsors, and the promotional Laser Girls. It also servers as a place where promotional workers can go to access the third party application where they enter in their hours. As the product continues to gain popularity, the site continues to grow as well.

Laser Loyalties page   

Laser Girls page