Case Study: WelTract Website

Project Brief

New Product Release

AmPurity Nutraceutical’s second consumer product release was to be a urinary tract support supplement targeted to women. In addition to introducing the new WelTract product promotionally, the site needed to be an informational site for urinary tract health.


Competitor Research

Many of the other similar supplements on the market pushed natural ingredients and used very nature-based designs in their packaging. Much advertising was focused around encouraging the customer to be proactive about their urinary tract health as these are preventative supplements and not medicines for treating urinary tract infections.

Design & Development

Logo & Color Palette

Originally, the logo they had designed for the product was entirely green, but I showed them a different version with the magenta introduced as a secondary color. They liked it and the color has been used to accent the softer tones of the beiges on the site to give it a feminine feel without looking too “girly.”

WordPress Installation & Template

We stayed with WordPress as the CMS as the other consumer product site was also using the platform as their CMS. I created a custom theme for the site based on one of the default WordPress themes.


Popular on Mobile

The site has had steady visits, especially by those using iPhones who make up over one-third of the sessions recorded in Google Analytics. Although not as popular of a product as the Laser, sales are also steady as the product can be purchased online through a link to the AmPurity ecommerce site.